As many other wikis, this wiki has a chat, however, due to some problems that happened before (Which made me have to shut down the chat) I decided to make rules for this chat, even if it's dead most of the times.

As you can see, most of the rules, if someone breaks them, that person gets kicked. After three kicks it's a ban.

  1. Long links are not accepted, stretching chat will get you kicked, if you want to post a long link (Like a Facebook picture) use TinyURL for it.
  2. No shitposting. Some jokes are good, but they got old, the use of jokes like " just banter","le funny banana" or posting Darude - Sandstorm will result on a three day ban.
  3. No emote spamming, spamming will end up on a kick.
  4. Slurs aren't allowed. It will result on a kick
  5. Religious debate is allowed, however, insulting someone's religion isn't allowed, it will result on a 1 day ban from the chat
  6. Don't bring PM stuff to main chat.
  7. The caps limit is of 6 words each day.
  8. Other languages aren't allowed, this place is in english. However, if you want to make a wiki about this in another language, you may do that.
  9. Raiding will end up on a indefinite ban.
  10. Sex talk is allowed, just don't turn the chat into some weird sexual place.
  11. Accounts with memes as avatars won't be allowed in chat

There are the rules, now fucking behave